“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

2 Timothy 2:15

As a teaching church, we believe in engaging the Bible through dialogic inquiry and active learning. This means that we delve deep into the Scriptures, seeking to understand the Bible as fully as possible, and ask questions of the text and ourselves along the way. We consider historical context, biblical languages, translations, biblical writers, traditional and contemporary interpretations, as well as our own faith journeys. All of these things influence how we understand the Bible and apply its teachings to our lives.

Our Bible study classes focus on what we believe based upon the Scriptures. Whether we are studying the character of Jesus, Christian doctrines, like grace and justification, or a book of the Bible from beginning to end, our primary aim is to understand more fully what the Bible teaches.

While Sunday school classes are also concerned with biblical knowledge, they tend to focus more on practice—how our living is shaped by what we believe. Whether we are doing a book study on prayer, learning about healing in the Bible, engaging gender and sexuality from biblical perspectives, or exploring the link between personality and purpose, our primary aim is to consider how our living aligns with what we believe.



Bible Study

Noon Bible Study (Wednesdays in Room N205)

A favorite of members who cannot attend the evening class or prefer not to drive at night, this Bible study provides a focused examination of the Scriptures in a smaller setting. As with the 11a.m. Sermon Preview, the Pastor raises and elicits questions, while also leading the class to a fuller understanding of the biblical text.

7p.m. Bible Study (Virtual) | Prayer beforehand at 6:30p.m.

Our evening class offers the same dialogic, interactive approach to biblical study as the other classes, but in a large group format. At 6:30p.m., we gather for corporate prayer. Thereafter, we study the Scriptures; inquire and respond without judgment or fear; and support each other as we seek a deeper understanding of God’s word.



Each quarter we offer a new set of classes. The children use a standard curriculum, which our dedicated, talented, loving teachers bring to life through engaging pedagogy and activities. Our gifted ministerial team develops exciting, original curricula for the adult classes, as well as selects timely Christian books for study.

9:00am -10:00am
Women’s Sunday School Class
Ladies! Join us as study and explore various books and topics
Marriage Chat Sunday School Class
Married couples, let’s continue our conversations! We will continue to strengthen our marriages under God through fun, challenging, and enlightening discussions that force us to depend on the Lord as the two truly become one!
Men’s Sunday School Class
Calling all Men of PMBC! Let’s gather to discover our God-ordained purpose from a Man’s perspective. Working together we are seeking to become better Husbands, better Fathers, and ultimately better Men of God.


Youth Sunday SchoolYouth Sunday School Classes:

o High School – Joshua Generation
o Middle School – The J Factor
o Upper Elementary – B.S.I
o Lower Elementary – Great Expectations
o Pre-School – Little Wonders

Sunday School takes place every Sunday at 9:00a.m. in the Youth Center.



Christian DiscipleshipIn this four-week course designed especially for new members, Pastor Williams lays the foundation for Christian discipleship. Taught during the Sunday school hour, this is also a time for the Pastor to get to know new members. While studying topics like repentance and faith, regeneration, baptism and communion, and tithes and offerings, new members can ask questions without fear of judgment; listen to other people’s stories; share their own faith perspectives; and learn what the Bible teaches about Christian discipleship. Pastor Williams also takes new members on a tour of the church facility.

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