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Arts Ministry
ARTS MINISTRY Provides a forum for developing creative ways to praise, worship, and honor God through dance, drama and music.


Wings of Praise
ANGELIC WINGS OF PRAISE Provides spiritual guidance through fundamental liturgical dance for ages 12 years and older.



Dance Ministry
ROSES AND ROYAL LORDS The Roses (girls) and The Royal Lords (boys) is a liturgical dance group that provides young people ages 5­11 years with an opportunity to develop creative expression through sacred movement.


Drama Ministry
SOARING WITH ACTORS OF GOD (SWAG) is a drama group that enhances, encourages and enables youth 8­18 years to grow and develop mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through the art of drama.


Brotherhood Ministry
BROTHERHOOD Fosters fellowship and comradeship among the men of the Church. The ministry attempts to meet the needs that men traditionally encounter throughout society and the church by creating a spiritual learning environment in which men can mature personally and spiritually—candidly and without judgement. The objective is to promote Christian brotherhood and fellowship; provide opportunities for the development of individual potential and leadership; and to provide service to the community on a broad human basis.


CLOTHING MINISTRY Collects and organizes gently used clothing for men, women and children that are donated to be given out to those in need. It is an outreach ministry, and there is no charge for items received by clients. This ministry supports the mission of the Church in meeting the outer clothing needs of any person who visits.


DORCAS MINISTRY A group of Christian women working together for spiritual fulfillment through united services which benefit the Church and the community. Members foster Christian fellowship, financially support of Church projects, enhance the beauty of the Sanctuary with appropriate decorations and provide leadership for the Church’s ministries.


Food Ministry
FOOD MINISTRY The food distribution component of this ministry provides well­balanced bags of uncooked foods weekly for Church and community recipients. The Friday weekly distribution is targeted toward families in need, those suffering from AIDS and the elderly.


White plate full of pancakes with strawberries raspberries blueberries and honey
BREAKFAST/KITCHEN Provides hot breakfast on Sundays for visitors and members asking for only an at­will offering. The kitchen component assists various ministries in the preparation and serving of food for Church activities including repasts.


Health Ministry
HEALTH MINISTRY Sponsors seminars, workshops, symposiums, and health fairs to encourage good physical health practices and recognition of the overall well­ being of the community encompassing both physical and mental health.


HOUSING MINISTRY Under the oversight of the Board of Trustees; purchases, rehabilitates and makes available reasonable housing for Providence members who are experiencing financial challenges. The purpose of this ministry is to provide temporary, below market affordable rental housing in the Providence community to help renters transition to home ownership, stability in their finances, and a safe and beautiful place to live.


Matrons' Circle
THE MATRON’S CIRCLE Promotes the Christian missionary work of Providence Missionary Baptist Church. Members contribute to the spiritual, cultural and social uplift of the community and facilitate a network of fellowship for each member. The ministry sponsors several regular outreach efforts that benefit seniors, children and the homeless.


MUSIC MINISTRY Provides sacred music during worship services, seasonal programs and special events. The ministry is comprised of several versatile choirs, and choir directors who present a range of music from spirituals to contemporary selections.


Senior Adult Ministry
SENIOR ADULT MINISTRY (SAM) Encourages senior adults to be totally involved in the Providence vision­­spiritually, emotionally, physically through activities that entertain, educate, and stimulate participants. This ministry keeps seniors apprised of services offered by the Church, city, county and other organizations.


Adult Singles Ministry5
SINGLES MINISTRY Provides Christian fellowship and support to single persons through community services and spiritual enrichment. The ministry’s goal is to foster positive relationships among members of the Church, auxiliaries within the Church and community outreach. The Singles’ Ministry offers opportunities for individuals who are single to fellowship together and with other singles to develop support networks.


SAVED WITH A TESTIMONY MINISTRY (S.W.A.T.) A Providence coed, young adult ministry comprised of members between the ages of 18 and 34 years. The primary focus of the Ministry is connecting young adults to Christ and to the church. S.W.A.T.’s mission, under the leadership of the Pastor, is to serve the youth at Carrie Steele Pitts Home, and to build relationships with young adults at Providence and in the surrounding community.


Ushers Ministry
USHERS MINISTRY Ushers are the doorkeepers of the Lord’s house. They meet, greet, seat, and serve all who come into this House of Worship.


Women's Ministry
WOMEN’S MINISTRY Provides an inter­generational forum for spiritual growth among the women of Providence. Through a series of forums, dialogues, fellowships, and professionally facilitated workshops, the Ministry seeks to be a platform for issues surrounding women of all ages.


Young At Heart
YOUNG-AT-HEART Seeks members who have reached the glorious age of 60 years or older, and provides a program of fellowship to meet the personal, social, spiritual and moral needs of its members. It serves as a channel through which its members continue their witness for Christ through active involvement in the Church’s ministries and in the community­-at­-large.


Youth Ministry
YOUTH GROUP Where our youth learn a zeal for God, build oneness through enriching relationships, are nurtured with the Truth about Jesus Christ, and are challenged to express to others their love for Christ through service and evangelism.


Athletics Ministry
ATHLETIC MINISTRY Provides a safe, quality oriented sports program that is centered in Christ and promotes the Gospel of Jesus in all that they do—on and off the field or court. This Ministry is designed to teach Christian character, conduct, leadership skills, achievement in athletics, and respect for teammates and opponents.


GEMMS Ministry
GEMMS MINISTRY (Gifted, Elegant, Magnificent and Motivated Sisters) A component of the Providence Youth Ministry, for young ladies between the ages of eleven and thirteen years, is designed to empower them to reach their full potential by sharing the love of Jesus Christ and helping them to address critical issues including self­ esteem, goal setting, life mapping, career choices, school success, healthy living, service learning and conflict resolution. Girls engage in scriptural study, hands­-on activities, crafts, role­playing, reflective journaling, group discussions, outings and a special culminating activity— the GEMMS Gala. They are mentored through activities designed to promote a closer personal relationship with God, academic excellence, post­-secondary education, community service, and self­ love. The foundation of the program is self­ esteem. The anchoring Scripture for the ministry is: “For we are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life.” Ephesians 2:10 (NSRV)


JAM Ministry
JAM MINISTRY Designed to serve as a platform for high school and middle school students to have meaningful dialogue about issues relevant to them in a candid, uncensored environment. The goal of the JAM’s sessions is to facilitate the biblical parallel to everyday challenges for youth.


NURSERY MINISTRY Provides child care for children ages 6 months to 5 years primarily during Sunday morning services. The Nursery Ministry aims to teach and share the love of Jesus Christ through our smiles, our voices, and our attention to each child in our care. We hope to nurture the start of wanting to be more like Christ by sharing the Bible’s teachings about love, respect and acceptance of others




Gathers, preserves and makes available for use archival materials such as pictures, artifacts, documents and other related items to the history of Providence. The materials are intended to serve as a depository connecting the history of the Church to its past, present and future.


Includes all of the members of the Church divided into twelve groups according to their birth month. Each month an appointee of the month sends birthday cards to members. The Team also sends get well, sympathy, and other expressions as appropriate.


Provides scholarships for eligible students and oversees the Pastor’s Honor Roll. The goal of this Auxiliary is to inspire and appreciate each student receiving a diploma, certificate or degree from any learning institution.




BEREAVEMENT Coordinates celebration of life services for Providence members. Members of the Team meet with bereaved family members to compile an obituary, plan an order of service and coordinate a repast if one is to be held. From notification to interment this Team offers support coordinated with the Pastor and the Church’s administration, including musicians, kitchen volunteers, and sound team staff.
COMMUNITY GARDEN Supported by volunteers from within the Church and the community, is intended to create easy access to naturally grown, locally produced food. Participants learn the fundamentals of natural gardening practices by engaging in hands­on activities. Some of the produce grown in the garden is distributed through the Providence Food Team to clients.
Fresh organic vegetables in wicker basket in the garden
MARKETING/DIGITAL VISION Develops marketing material, and public service announcements for radio, television and newspapers for the various activities occurring at the Church. This Team is also responsible for the publication of The Vision—the PMBC quarterly newsletter.
Marketing Ministry


SOUND TEAM Provides primarily audio services for Sunday Worship Service, special programs and events.
Sound Ministry


TRANSPORTATION TEAM Provides transportation via the Church’s bus and/or van to pick up members for Sunday School, 10:45 a.m. Worship Service, and for ministries/auxiliaries’ field trips. Driver’s must be younger than 65 years of age for insurance coverage.
Tranporation Ministry



DEACON BOARD Assists the Pastor in the execution of his spiritual work­­serving the needs of the membership, teaching classes, visiting the sick, counseling, serving communion, planning spiritual events for personal growth, evaluating Church programs, and praying with and for members.


DEACONESS BOARD Fosters missionary programs which promote and support the ministries of the church by administering to the needs of church members as well as the community. They complement the functions of the Deacon Board relating to the Lord’s Supper.


TRUSTEE BOARD Oversees the properties, structures and vehicles of the Church. Members of this Board have fiduciary responsibility for the Church’s assets.



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